The Court

Here it is look at it. You have seen it years before in a thousand different cities.
When you walk through the doors of the venerable school on to the time worn basketball court you are transported back decades.
It is an old gym in an old school in an old working class neighborhood. The gym is defiant about giving in and at 80 years old looking forward to its 100 th birthday.
The gym is well worn but well kept. The backboards are wooden and have accommodated endless bank shots and good shots and bad shots but remain strong and sturdy.
The rims are forgiving and have accepted innumerable shots. The floors are aged but always washed and ready. Some spots are patched. The only modern features are the high tech speakers mounted on the ceiling connected to an equally high tech stereo system. We warm up to music from The Eagles to almost anything.
The sounds are universal: squeaking sneakers, men yelling out picks, bodies hitting, cursing.
The smell is a mixture of rubbing liniment, sweat, powder, gatorade
This is heaven on earth.

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